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A Few Thoughts on Art

The White House Ornament

Back to Cherokee

Analgesics for Treating the Results of Ongoing Cultural Misrepresentation Or Bad Indian Movie Night and the Rubber Tomahawk Award

A Reaction to The Boy and His Dog are Sleeping - Having Very Little to do With the Content of the Book.

Squash Soup

Never Far From a Historical Murder Site…...Or...I Went to London to Visit With… London

English Lessons

writing - published elsewhere

"Tragedy", "Ruthless" "Not July", "This House is so", "Understandable if Random becomes" are poems written by Kim Shuck and published in Avatar Review, issue 15 (Summer 2013).

Rabbit Stories is a small book (106 pages) by Kim Shuck, published by Poetic Matrix Press and is available from

River, Blood and Corn ... ed. Terra Trevor ...

Sovereign Erotics ... ed. Qwo-li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda, Lisa Tatonetti ... University of Arizona Press October 2011

Cherokee Writers from the Flint Hills ed. Roy Hamilton, Karen Coody Cooper Fall 2011

A Bird Black as the Sun ... ed. Enid Osborn, Cynthia Anderson ... Green Poet Press September 2011

Yellow Medicine Review Spring 2011 February 2011 Volume 1 Issue 4, Native Literatures: Generations

New Poets of the American West ... ed. Lowell Jaeger ... Many Voices Press August 2010

I Was Indian ... ed. Susan Deer Cloud ... FootHills Publishing 2009

From Scorched Hearts, essay about Hypatia of Alexandria, editor Marijo Moore, Winter 2008

Oakland Outloud, poetry anthology, editor, Jukebox Press, Spring 2007

“To Topos Magazine”, poems in Cherokee, Volume, Fall 2006

“Pembroke Magazine”, Issue 38, Fall 2006

“Listen and be Heard”, poem of the day, I always Catch the Old World Diseases, July 7, 2006

“Listen and be Heard”, poem of the day, Clouds Rolling In June 26, 2006

Listen and be Heard, Poem of the Week, Volume 3 Issue 10, January 11- 18, 2006

Native American Cultural Representations, ed. Andrew Jolivette, Altamira Press, 2006

“Drumvoices Review”, Volume 14 numbers 1 and 2, Spring Summer Fall 2006

Eating Fire, Tasting Blood, ed. Marijo Moore, Thundermouth Press, June 2006

Words Upon the Waters, assistant editor, Jukebox Press, June 2006

“Parthenon West Review”, ed. Chad Sweeney and David Holler, Volume 3, Winter 2005

Smuggling Cherokee, book of poetry, Greenfield Review Press, Fall 2005

Listen and Be Heard, Poem of the Week, Smuggling Cherokee, Volume 2, Issue 31 June 8-14, 2005

Native Women and Survivance, ed. Joanne Barker and Melissa Nelson, American Indian Studies Department, San Francisco State University, 2.1,Spring 2005

The Other Side of the Postcard, ed. devorah major, City Lights Press, San Francisco, CA, c. 2005

Shenandoah, v.54/3, ed. R.T. Smith, Winter 2004, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia

Cream City Review vol.21.1 The American Landscape Close Up, ed. Karen Auvinen, c. Spring 2003, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Math and Science Across Cultures, contributing author, New Press, New York, c. 2002

Native Realities, contributing author, the web magazine for Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, c. 2001

Gatherings Volume XI, The En’owkin Journal of First North American Peoples, Flight Scape: a multi-directional collection of Indigenous creative works, ed. Florene Belmore, c. Fall 2000, Theytus Books Ltd., Penticton BC

“The Cooperative Quilt”, catalog for the show, Gallery Sanchez, San Francisco CA c. 1999

“Basket Talk: A Gathering of Native Basketweavers”, Fiberarts vol.24, no. 4, c.1998 Altimont Press, Ashville, NC

Patterns across Cultures, contributing author, Exploratorium Teacher Activity Series: Patterns, c.1998 Exploratorium, SF

Science across Cultures, contributing author, Exploratorium Teacher Activity Series: Science, c. 1997 Exploratorium, SF

Math across Cultures, contributing author, Exploratorium Teacher Activity Series: Math, c. 1995 Exploratorium, SF


Deborah Miranda responds to Rabbit Stories

Linda Rodriguez review of Smuggling Cherokee

Review on SPD Books

Review by devorah major

Native Writer Circle Awards

Native Writer's of America First Book Award

Cherokee poet Kim Shuck is the recipient of the Native Writers of the America's First Book Award for her 2005 book Smuggling Cherokee. She has an MFA in weaving from SFSU, and was a member of the board of directors for Califorina Poets in the Schools.

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San Francisco Public Library Poet of the Month

Notes from my deYoung Residency - June 2010

June 1 - Loading In
June 2 - Opening the Show
June 3 - What is that smell?
June 4 - A second foop
June 5 - I don't sell to the public and why
June 6 - Quiet Sunday
June 9 - Colors in beading
June 10 - How do we learn to do this stuff
June 11 - Trancing out
June 12 - Hot
June 13 - Making up for yesterday
June 16 - Art reality check
June 17- Moving my writing to my own website, group beading progress and Coyotess visits the Studio
June 18 - Assumptions Questions and Will
June 19 - Yeeee HA!
June 20 - Why had I not discovered this kiva thing before?
June 23 - The Comforting Summer Fog Arrives
June 24 - I knew I'd miss Michael
June 25 - Whoop de do
June 26 - Winding Down
June 27 - It's a wrap
June 28 - Loading Out
June 29 - Am I really talking about the purpose(s) of art?
Poems from the residency

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