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June 6 Quiet Sunday

By K. Shuck

It would likely be a mistake to judge the relative activity of Sundays in the gallery by the example of just the one. Today was, however, quite slow in terms of visitors. Right up to the very last half hour we had only a few folk come and visit. This gives me the chance to mention the musicians who came by yesterday and yet somehow didn't get written about (I have an undeniably whimsical way of looking at a day and apologize to natoyiniinastumiik and Ed Dang). Yesterday's visitors provided some wonderful music and enhanced the gallery experience quite a bit. This month's performances have been/will be more along the lines of sharing than formal performing, with the exception of the final Friday. Anyway, the musicians were well received and certainly made me happy. They will be back on the third Saturday for those who missed them.

The slowness of today helped me make some progress on the beading. I'm in the honeymoon phase with the project. I still like everything about it. About three quarters through I'll wonder what I was thinking.... that is if I'm lucky and am working hard enough. I generally find that if I don't get a little unhappy with any art piece it's because I'm not reaching hard enough. By the end all is usually forgiven and I like the object again.

The group projects, both beading and drawing, that Michael and I have set up, are progressing. Today's assistant got a chunk of Sutro tower in on the beading.

In an interesting show of support we have had at least one person we already knew come visit every day and usually more. There have been folks from the Native communities through quite regularly. Most of them, at least the one's I know, already know our work so it must be assumed that they are here to see us in this space. I'm happy enough to be seen here. I believe we are getting some teaching done. So there's a week. I'm assuming that now that we have a feel for how this goes, next week will be even better.