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June 3- What is that smell?

By K. Shuck

No fewer than 4 people came into the gallery today with a pressing interest in the smell that our presence here is creating. In fact, the building guy came by to see what the smell was. A primer: really good hides are generally smoked. Both Michael and I are working on hide. He is working on a buffalo skin, I am beading on deerskin. My skins are smoked. Smoke smell is one that I don't even really notice anymore, but if anyone ever comes up with a perfume oil called "Wow that traditional dancer is hot looking" it will have sage and sweetgrass notes with a finish of smoked hide.

We had a leap-by squirrel visit today, continuing in our animal interest theme (yesterday it was a female mallard). He came by the window at some speed, but did manage to pause briefly to see if we were doing it right. There is a redtail who hunts around here. She had some lunch in one of the trees and watched us for a bit.

Other visits today included collectors of each of us, spectacular members of the staff and a few people who absolutely learned some things. Michael is very proactive in explaining ledger art. I'm afraid that I tend to mutter incoherently about beads, but it is possible to wrest some sense from me if one is patient. Because yesterday's intern did such an amazing job, today's intern had a bit of time to learn bead embroidery. She's proven quite good at it. Renee, Cynthia and Nicole have solved the spatial problem that was stopping folk at the door. Really things are quite good.

Michael is making progress on his buffalo hunt piece. Not to be missed. I'll be finishing something off tomorrow and deciding on next steps. I'm hoping for more people to come bead, but we'll see.