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June 28 - Loading Out

By K. Shuck

Warm weather again. I wanted ice cream. I had to go pack my stuff up at the museum.

I pack well and carefully when I'm traveling. These days you must, everything may be rummaged at random intervals by who knows what functionary. I pack excellent well when it's other people's work. My stuff got tossed into a box and two bags. Well, one bag was well packed. Those were CDs loaned for the month. Those are neat. Everything else was more or less shoved into corners.

Home with my things I tried to just relax. People who know are already laughing. The house had eroded somewhat in my general absence. Family helped but... everywhere I looked there were things that wanted adjustment. I must stress here that I am not much of a housekeeper (who's that giggling at the back?)

I spent some time carving pathways through the mess that was my room. Then I made a better mess arranging a linear chronology of projects that need doing. The results are bleak. Is art like bacteria? There seems to be an almost biotic flowering of stuff to do. Sigh.

Mostly today was carving paths and making action piles. I have a pathway to my stairs. We're going to have to call all of this a result.