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June 26 - Winding Down

By K. Shuck

Linda Noel gave me some strawberries last night at the party and between not eating before reading (it's my only pre-show ritual) and being utterly exhausted when I got home, I just stuck them in the fridge. I was sooooo happy to find them this morning. Rediscovered strawberries may well be the best.

My London friends call this being 'shattered', if I've understood properly. I'm wondering if I've managed to keep track of all of the pieces in fact. I'd been walking in to the museum every day. Today I got a lift. I wasn't entirely sure I'd make it. Fortunately most all of the visitors were pretty self-sufficient and didn't want my commentary. Who knows what I might have said? The fog was still around though. That was a good and happy thing.

One group was a very large family, their impulse was to draw. I find it difficult to discourage folk from touching the buffalo hide? it's amazingly compelling. I want to touch too. There was another group of women who either didn?t hear my offer of info or were totally content to just rumble around on their own. They thought that the group beading project was a cross stitch and that it would look great in a frame. My gran would have agreed about the frame. Not my style really, I like the evidence of it being on skin, the odd protruding bits. Certainly one way to go though.

One woman looked at what I was doing and said, "Oh, you're just beading." Absolutely. I'm just beading. I'm just breathing. I took absolutely no offense at that. I view beading like I do yoga or tai chi or chess. They are something you practice. Mastery still eludes me, but I'm kinda getting the hang of it. Just beading is exactly right. It's also not as friendly as a performed art really.

At the end of the day I walked across by the bandshell and saw a bunch of squirrels drinking from a puddle. I?m going to have to do something with squirrels one of these days. Those tails are so expressive.

Can tomorrow really be the last day?