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June 20- Why had I not discovered this kiva thing before?

By K. Shuck

So, I'm used to working at my place. If I feel like it I change out of my pjs but I don't usually feel like it. One of my favorite cures for a slow day is to put on Dire Straits or Cream or The Band (my musical tastes are fairly eclectic, these are just my best art funk cures). I curl up under a blanket with the project in my lap, comfy clothes, my music on fairly loud and get on with the project. Under those conditions I would have pretty much finished the bird I'm beading by now... Well, here it would probably be a bit creepy if I was cuddled up in a blanket, I must be wearing clothes, not pjs and I'd sort of decided to play Native music because folk aren't much familiar with it. My kids don't talk to me when they hear certain music coming from my studio. They have generally found it unproductive. Instead they periodically leave tea near me without speaking and don't trouble me with trifles like, 'the washing machine is peeing on the floor'. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that my life sounds unbearably difficult. Well, it's a tricky thing making mosaic out of 1mm glass beads. It really does require a degree of focus not usually achieved on a daily basis. When I'm working I can be a bit awkward. Not everyone is excited by glow-in-the-dark seed beads. I think that most artists spend a good deal of time 'goofing off'. It is essential to do this. We would all be utterly mad if we didn't. Michael has been training Bob to break up his day.

Bob is one of our sitting balls. He is a problem. He flirts with his cousins. He causes trouble and blames the other sitting balls. Michael is making progress. I, on the other hand, haven't been taking out of gallery breaks. I've been writing when I'm not beading or talking to people or pacing the floor. I may be going a bit berk. I have found the solution I think.

In the sculpture garden there is a sort of kiva structure. I should attribute this sculpture. There was an artist for it, it has a name... can't remember it. You should go see. It's a rounded structure in the hillside with a hole in the roof open to the sky. When empty the thing is really cool. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in the de Young since 2005. I think we can securely say that it's many. I've wandered all over the place. I'd never seen the kiva thing. It's really really good. It may well take me through the remaining week.

On the subject of the remaining week... do come by the gallery. When I'm not gibbering I can share interesting facts about beading. Come meet Bob. Come see Michael's wonderful paintings. Our interns are quite charming. I promise I'll be making frequent visits to the sculpture garden.