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June 19-Yeeee HA!

By K. Shuck

We have had a few slow days, we've had some buzzing days. Today was a gas. Jerry Ferraz, natoyiininastumiik and Ed Dang came to play music for us and that was only the beginning. At one point there must have been 30 people in the gallery and most of them were poets or artists of some form or another. I'm not sure where to begin...

Barbara Shapiro, friend and Textile Arts Council member stopped by before a meeting they were having. We got a bit of a visit, which was fun. James Downs, poet and editor and Joyce Downs, poet and editor, came by and enjoyed music and such with us. Barbara sent folk from the TAC meeting down to see. Jerry had advertised being here and about half a dozen of his friends and fellow poets came through. It was quite a party. Imagine if the book Stone Soup was about a music/poem party and then imagine that everyone who added something was someone you liked but hadn't seen in ages. Imagine that the day was lovely and you had the best window view going. Imagine that there was a nearby pond with basking turtles. I sure didn't get much beading done, but I did write a few poems.

This residency has been a bit like a set of Chinese boxes. Each one has had more inside. My main project changed. The poems are not what I thought I'd write. I'm leaving the space with more work to do than I came in with. It's a bit daunting. It was good to have some loving friends come reset my mental cursor.

Oh... and the raven has most of a top wing edge. Come see.